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Are you tired of waiting and waiting trying to locate your bags when it is going round and round on the carousel?  Are all the bags at the airport starting to look alike? ID and GO Luggage Accessories, LLC has a solution to help you pick your bag out of the crowd.  Personalized luggage stickers add an identifier to your bags which allows you to spot them from a distance. With our decals attached to your bag, you can easily identify your bag as it comes down the conveyor or around the carousel for a fast and simple way to get in and out of airports, train stations and bus depots, confident that the luggage in hand really is yours.

American made and easy to apply, our luggage stickers can help personalize luggage, laptop bags, brief cases, backpacks, diaper bags, gym bags, musical instrument cases, Grandma’s walker, and more.

ID and GO luggage stickers also come in handy when you are able to observe the loading or unloading of your luggage from the plane, train or bus.  You can easily identify your bag from a distance, giving you peace-of-mind that your suitcase is with you on this trip.

If your luggage ever ends up in the lost luggage area (we don’t wish this on anyone!), having your personalized ID and GO luggage stickers on your bag allows you to add a level of identification by being able to describe this unique feature on your bag. Such as, “My black fabric roller has a photo of a building on a lake at sunset on both sides of the bag.” You can also easily pick out your bag in the lost luggage line-up.

For more information about marking your luggage for easy identification Contact Us at ID and GO.

ID and GO Luggage Accessories, LLC is a proud member of BNI. We will support you with a TYFCB, if we know of your affiliation.

ID and GO Luggage Accessories, LLC uses Send-Out-Cards. These are not email cards but physical cards sent to your recipient.  To send a free card or for more information go to

* Travel Tip Take a picture of your bags luggage stickers prior to leaving on your trip. If necessary you could show the pictures to the Lost Luggage clerk to get you quickly on your way to your destination.

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