Pool Service ID Lables Example


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There are 14 strip stickers.  Each sticker is 1 inch x 9.25 inches. The concept is to wrap the appropriate sticker around the pipe fitting with the flow indicator pointing in the correct direction.  The length fits a 2 inch PVC pipe fitting.

The current lables are:

Cleaner Pump Main Drain Aerator
Filter Pop-Ups Spa Suction Water Feature
Pool Return Backwash Chlorinator  
Skimmer Spa Return Heater  

There are also two other stickers.  The Filter Pump and Pool Light stickers are for the customer's electrical service panel circuit breakers.  These can also be modified to have your company name and phone number.

We have found the 1x9.25 format works best.  This is also customizable. On the example the light blue lettering is my pool service provider's name and phone number.  The dark blue is the line identification and flow indicator.

There is a one-time set-up fee to customize your stickers.  We will keep your customized sticker on file for one year after your last order.  The set-up fee will apply again if you do not reorder within 1 year.

To start your customization click  here  or select the Contact Us button at the top of the page.