Luggage Sticker Photos by William Warby

While I have not met William Warby, we came across has material and liked his work.  We have asked to use his work and he has graciously agreed.  Thank you William!

The following is from William Warby's profile:

I've got into photography in a serious way back in autumn 2007 when I got my first digital SLR, the Olympus E-510, before which I was an avid producer of garden variety point-and-shoot snapshots for a few years. Unlike most things I take an interest in, I've managed to sustain a healthy interest in photography without taking it to the point of obsession.

Today I use an Olympus E-3 body with a compliment of Zuiko lenses ranging from the cheap but exceptionally useful 35mm Macro to the less frequently used and exorbitantly expensive 7-14mm ultra-wide. My favourite subject is wildlife so it is unfortunate that I live in a country where sparrows and squirrels are about as exotic as the local wildlife gets.

As time has passed I am finding it increasingly difficult to motivate myself to go out with my camera alone, so I am planning to get more involved in the London Flickr Meetups group with whom I have had a couple of really great days out.

I am not a purist who likes to achieve all my effects "in camera" - I believe the end result is all that matters and I use software to enhance almost every image that comes off my memory cards.

My technique and composition skills are still some way off where I'd like them to be and to compensate I am over-dependent on volume - I typically keep just 5-10% of my exposures which is something I really need to change over the next couple of years.

I earn my living as an analyst/developer for a local government authority in London my spare time is divided unevenly between photography, software/web development, movies, XBox, and the occasional novel.

William Warby's images are Licensed as , Creative Commons, Some Rights Reserved. While not needed, sought and recieved permission from William Warby to use his images. If you like his work there are several places you can go to see more. One place is  Flickr or you can go to Google Images. If you see something you like, please let us know and we will be glad to make it into a luggage sticker for you. Open our Contact Us page and send us the URL and the title of the photograph.