Luggage Sticker Photos by Luc Viatour

As I was looking for photos to add to my catalog, I ran across a photo by Luc Viatour. This led me to find more of his work.  Luc lives in Belgium and captures great images.  We have not met, but have corosponed about his photos.  He has allowed us to use his photos.  Thank you Luc. We are proud to add Luc to our Featured Photographers list.  I think you will enjoy his images as much as I have.

Luc Viatour supplied this bio to
After 15 years as photoengravor in a printer company, Luc operated a reconversion and became IT Manager with his current employer, the press company “Dupuis S.A.”. In his free time he took an active part into the Linux association based at the Université libre de Bruxelles (ULB) where he consolidated his skills. He has then put his experience in practice in his company where he changed completely their IT park from a Microsoft solution into a Linux solution integrating about 50 individual computers all working under OpenOffice.
From his young age, photography has always taken a great part of his hobbies. Then the camera world operated a big kind of transition between argentic and digital. In 2007, Luc created his own website. Then in a press market world changing rapidly, he decided to give a new try to his carrier and coupled his IT functions with professional photographer functions at Dupuis. He also offers his photography services on a independant complementary account basis.   

Luc Viatour's images are Licensened as , Creative Commons,  Some Rights Reserved. While not needed, sought and recieved permission from Luc Viatour to use his images.  If you like his work there are several places you can go to see more.  One place is his site, another is Flickr or you can go to Google Images.  If you see something you like, please let us know and we will be glad to make it into a luggage sticker for you. Open our Contact Us page and send us the URL and the title of the photograph. The one exception that we know of is the picture of the Eiffel Tower relected in a puddle.  Eiffel Tower lighting is copyrighted, so any pictures taken at night after 2003 are copyrighted by the SNTE, the company charged with maintaining the tower. See FAQ #21 for more information.