Luggage Sticker Photos by Grant Brummett

Grant Brummett passed suddenly in late October 2015. He will be missed by the AZ Ren Fair and Cosplay communities.  I miss his warm smile and joyous attitued!. RIP Grant!

Grant Brummett and I were friends for  over 12 years.  His background includes US Army Aviation, as does mine, however our paths never crossed.  We met while we were both in the semiconductor industry. I was a Technical Trainer and he joined the company as a technical writer, but was soon also shooting pictures of the equipment to inclued in the the training materials.

Grant and his family live in the Phoenix, Arizona area.

I think he takes awesome pictures and am honored that he has allowed me to use some of them in this site.

Thank you Grant!

The following is by Grant from his Flickr Profile:

6'2" and love to take photos of just about anything any time.

My favorite subject has always been portraits especially renaissance festivals and Comic Con as there are so many fantastic people and costumes. But, I also love photographing aircraft, cars, motorcycles, events, etc.

I'm happily married and working two jobs one as full time a writer / photographer and the other as a freelance photographer / writer.

I also love my family of course, but also riding motorcycles, scuba diving and my Mac and iPad.

Grant Brummett's images are licensed as ©, Copyrighted, All Rights Reserved . sought and recieved permission from Grant Brummett to use his images. If you like his work there are several places you can go to see more. One place is Flickr or you can go to Google Images. If you find a something that interests you, open our Contact Us page and send us the URL and the title of the photograph and we see if Grant will release it to us.   Images of Twig the Fariy will NOT be granted permission to use.  She owns the copyright of her images and has not granted permission to use them.