Essential Oils Business Builder

This section is under construction. Stickers are good, pricing is incorrect.  Contact Me if you see something you like.

Welcome to the  Essential Oil Business Builder section.

I do not sell essential oils or diffusers.  I offer labels printed on vinyl. My labels will NOT work on the oil bottles themselves.  The ink I use will disolve when it comes in contact with full strength oils.  We have had good luck with diluted mixtures for use in spray bottles.

My wife is an essential oil business builder and we have developed these products to support her in growing her business. These labels were developed to help her label brochures, door prizes and other print collaterial. If you buy the bulk brochures that have a space for your contact information, rather than writing the information in with a fine-tip permenant marker, order these stickers to just peel and stick. They are easily adaptable to your information.

My labels are not endorsed or otherwise acknowledged by the essential oil company whose products my wife sells.

Sorry, Copyright and Trade Mark rules and regulations do NOT allow me to add essential oil company aflilation information.

Don't like my designs? Design your own and send it to Contact Us for a quote.