Dilution Chart Instructions

Essential Oil Household Cleaner Dilution Chart

Need an easy way to figure out how many capfuls of essential oil Household Cleaner (14.4 oz bottle) you need to add to your container to get your desired cleaner strength?  See my essential oil dilution chart.  This chart allows you to start with your container size (or an amount of water) and easily find the number of capfuls needed to make your desired cleaner. The dilution ratio lines on the chart correspond to the recommended dilution ratios found on the label of the 14.4 oz bottle of essential oil Household Cleaner.

After opening the chart, find your container size (water amount) on the left side.  Move right horizontally until you intercept your desired cleaner strength. Move straight down and read the number of capfuls needed for your container size (water amount).

Example (red arrows): You have a 24 oz. container (water amount)  and want to mix a 75:1 glass cleaner.  Enter at 24 oz on the left side of the chart.  Move horozontaly across until intersecting the 75:1 Glass Cleaner line.  Move vertically down and read aprox. 1.25 capfuls of essential oil Household Cleaner (14.4 oz bottle) to mix your desired ratio.

If your container size is not within the range of the chart, you can still figure the proper ratio. 

Example:  (green arrows) You want to mix a gallon of 30:1 (General Cleaner) essential oil Household Cleaner (14.4 oz bottle).  A gallon is 128 oz.  The cart only goes to 25 oz.  Divide the 128 by a number that puts it in the chart range. I chose 8.  128 oz. divided by 8 is 16.  Enter the cart at 16 oz.  Move across to the 30:1 General Cleaner line. Move down and see that you need 2 to 2.5 capfuls. But wait, that is for a 16 oz. container, you have a 128 oz. conatainer.  Multiply the 2 capfuls and the 2.5 capfuls by your divisor. In this case our divisor was 8.  8x2=16. 8x2.5=18.  To mix a gallon of 30:1 (General Cleaner)  add aporx. 17 capfuls of essential oil Household Cleaner (14.4 oz bottle).

Conversely,  if you have found a capful to bottle ratio that does the job for you,  you can find the ratio by entering the cart from the bottom at the number of capfuls you now use. Go up until intersecting your container size (water amount) horozontal line.  Where they meet is your cleaner dilution ratio. Extrapulate your ratio from the known ratio lines on either side of your point.

Example:  You use a 24 oz spray bottle and you typically add 1 capful of essential oil Household Cleaner (14.4 oz bottle).  Enter at the bottom of the cart at the number 1.  Move up until intersecting the 24 oz. line. The intersection point is between the 75:1 and the 100:1 lines.  It is closer to the 100:1 line.  My extrapulation is that you are using a dilution ratio of aprox. 90:1.

If your container size is out of range (0 to 25 oz) for the chart, divide your capfuls and container by a number that puts you on the chart and look at that intersection. Then multiply your capfuls by your divisor.

Example: You use 10 capfuls in a 40 oz. containe).  Divide the capfuls and container by two, you are now working with 5 and 20.  Enter at 5 capfuls, move up to 20 oz. Extrapolate to aprox. 17:1 dilution ratio.