Dewdrops Luggage Sticker

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Luggage sticker image of Dewdrops on a Horsetail captured by Luc Viatour, a featured photographer at

Titled: Landscape in the dew

Dewdrops on a horsetail (Equisetum fluviatile) in Belgium's  Marie Mouchon Nature Reserve.

This photo was taken on May 6, 2007 in Haid, Namur, Belgium, using a Nikon D80 Sigma 150mm optical F2, 8.

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Equisetum (AKA horsetail, snake grass, puzzlegrass) is the only living genus in Equisetaceae, a family of vascular plants that reproduce by spores rather than seeds.

Equisetum is a "living fossil" as it is the only living genus of the entire class Equisetopsida, which for over one hundred million years was much more diverse and dominated the understory of late Paleozoic forests. Some Equisetopsida were large trees reaching to 30 meters tall. The genus Calamites of the family Calamitaceae, for example, is abundant in coal deposits from the Carboniferous period.

It has been suggested that the pattern of spacing of nodes in horsetails, wherein those toward the apex of the shoot are increasingly close together, inspired John Napier to discover logarithms.