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As fo 25 Jan 2018 our credit card orders are processed through PayPal.
We also accept paymets through USPS or payment sites, such as  Venmo and Zelle. Phone # is 480.703.6904.

IDandGo is a family-owned business located in Buckeye, Arizona. Our specialty is high quality photographic luggage decals. We offer a growing catalog of images to choose from and if you don’t find what you’re looking for you can send us one of your favorite pictures and we’ll create a personalized decal for your bag. Pictures of a place you enjoyed on a previous trip, your restored ’57 Chevy, or a favorite pet make great labels for your bags.

We have three stock sizes. The sizes are based on a rectangle. The stock sizes are:
  • Small luggage decal – based on a  5 inch x 5 inch rectangle
  • Medium luggage decal – based on a 7 inch x 7 inch rectangle.
  • Large luggage decal – based on a 9 inch x 9 inch rectangle.
If you need/want a differnt size, Contact Us we are flexible.

Do you want need a different shape?  We offer seven different shapes on our catalog photos. Look in the Options Box on the selected photo's detail page. Custom photos can be what you want.

When placing the decals on your bag we recommend that you put one (each order comes with 2) luggage decal on each of the large sides of your bag. This gives you more of a chance to visually pick out your bag.

We also include two IDandGo stickers. These are included in hopes that you will want to put them on the narrow sides of your bag. This will further help you pick out your bag if the front or back is blocked. [OK, it also helps us with our advertising :-) ]

Our decals are designed for one trip, however you should be able to use them for several trips. Typically damage is due to normal baggage handling and is dependent on the placement location of the decal on the bag. It is our recommendation that you put a new luggage decal on your bags for each trip.

Each set of labels include two decals in the size that you specify. All decals have a white border around the edge and many decals may be personalized by adding a caption.

Our daughter-in-law flew from Phoenix, AZ to Munich, Germany via Atlanta, Ga with IDandGo luggage decals on her bags. She was using both a soft-sided and a hard-sided bag on this trip. She placed one of her 7x7 decals on the top (lid side) of the hard-sided suitcase and the other on the back side between the externally mounted pull handle.

Going against IDandGo recommendations, (typical daughter-in-law stuff), she placed only one 5x5 decal on the top of the soft-sided suitcase. When she arrived in Munich (and again in Phoenix) she easily spotted her bags, even with the slight damage, as they came off the conveyor to the carousel.

Typically we can only see how the baggage is handled between the baggage cart and the plane. (How often do you cringe when you see a bag fall off the cart or conveyer?) We can only guess what happens to our bags during the rest of their journey through the baggage handling section of the airport or in the belly of the plane. Her decals survived the trip with scrapes, scratches and/or rub marks on the image however, they did not get scraped-off, torn, rolled or ripped.  This is all that happened after going through 18 baggage handling events. Yes, 18 events! (see chart below) As you can also see, even with the slight damage to her luggage decals, her bags were still easily identifiable from a distance.

In Phoenix - In Munich -
1) From house to car. 10) From house to car.
2) From car to ticket counter. 11) From car to ticket counter.
3) From ticket counter to sort. 12) From ticket counter to sort.
4 From sort to plane. 13) From sort to plane.
 In Houston - In Houston -
5) From plane to sort. 14) From the plane to sort.
6) From sort to the new plane. 15) From sort to the new plane.
In Munich - In Phoenix -
7) From the plane to baggage claim. 16) From the plane to baggage claim.
8) From baggage claim to car. 17) From baggage claim to car.
9) From car to house. 18) From car to house.

These two bags are also stored in a garage in Phoenix, AZ between trips. Her Munich trip was in the June of 2011. The accompanying pictures were taken in June of 2012. The soft-sided bag has also been on several car trips since the luggage decals were applied.

If you have any questions about our luggage decals, Contact Us for more information.

* Travel Tip Add personality to your bag by placing your decal closer to a corner or turning the decal so it is not parallel to the sides of your suitcase. This gives your bag a different look.